Two Seperate Bus-Car Collisions Leave Total of 5 Dead

Four people were killed Saturday night in a car-bus crash in China, three of which were students.

Everyone in the car were killed including the driver; Ho Wai Kin, 20, and the passengers Wong Kok Heng, 17, Wong Chin Xion, 15, and Yap Chung Hung, 15. The accident happened at 11:45 p.m.

Another passenger of the car, Chan Kwan Yong, 30, was not killed but instead critically injured. The double-decker bus driver, Wan Seman Wan Yi, 48, had minor injuries, while the 42 passengers on his bus remained unharmed.

The car was driving toward the bus when they crashed head-on into each other.

Supt Abdul Razak says the car had been tore into three pieces upon contact with the bus.

A separate accident left an eight-year-old boy dead and three others injured yesterday in another crash between an express bus and a car.

The car was transporting the little boy, his sister and his father at 1:15 a.m. when the car and bus collided.
The boy apparently died from serious head injuries, and the sister and father were hospitalized.

“All 17 bus passengers and the bus driver received outpatient treatment at the Seri Manjung Hospital,” says Bernama, the reporter.

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