Charter Bus Crashes Killing The Driver and Injuring The Passengers

Willow Beach, AZ —A charter bus carrying a group of tourists from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas crashed on a highway in Arizona.  The bus driver died in the accident and over twenty passengers were injured, some of them seriously.  It is believed that the driver may have suffered a heart attack and lost control of the bus as it was traveling north on Highway 93.  The bus hit a ravine, went up a small hill, and over rough terrain for 700 feet before it stopped.  All 48 passengers were injured.  About 27 of them had only bumps and bruises, but the rest needed attention at the hospital.  Most of the passengers were from Asia or Europe and were over 50 years old.  The bus operator was Silver State Trailways, a California-based company.  If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact an attorney in your Arizona city to review your case.


Argentina Soccer Legend Hit by Bus

Diego Maradona, one of Argentina’s soccer legends, was reportedly involved in a car accident outside the outskirts of Buenos Aires on Monday night.

Maradona and his girlfriend Veronica Ojeda apparently suffered minor injuries once their car was hit by a bus just hours before Argentina’s Copa America match against Costa Rica.

Sky News also reported that him and his girlfriend were transported to the hospital and both suffered from cuts and bruises.

The former Argentina coach apparently hurt his knee in the accident. The Hospital de Ezeiza lists both now as being “in perfect condition”.

Ojeda’s brother said Maradona’s car had “skidded and collided with a bus” once they left their house. He also explained that his sister’s injuries were worse because she never wore her seat belt.

Maradona has been involved in more than one car accident in the past two years at least.

Maradona apparently also ran over the foot of a cameraman in May 2010 while he was driving into his team’s training ground.

Two Seperate Bus-Car Collisions Leave Total of 5 Dead

Four people were killed Saturday night in a car-bus crash in China, three of which were students.

Everyone in the car were killed including the driver; Ho Wai Kin, 20, and the passengers Wong Kok Heng, 17, Wong Chin Xion, 15, and Yap Chung Hung, 15. The accident happened at 11:45 p.m.

Another passenger of the car, Chan Kwan Yong, 30, was not killed but instead critically injured. The double-decker bus driver, Wan Seman Wan Yi, 48, had minor injuries, while the 42 passengers on his bus remained unharmed.

The car was driving toward the bus when they crashed head-on into each other.

Supt Abdul Razak says the car had been tore into three pieces upon contact with the bus.

A separate accident left an eight-year-old boy dead and three others injured yesterday in another crash between an express bus and a car.

The car was transporting the little boy, his sister and his father at 1:15 a.m. when the car and bus collided.
The boy apparently died from serious head injuries, and the sister and father were hospitalized.

“All 17 bus passengers and the bus driver received outpatient treatment at the Seri Manjung Hospital,” says Bernama, the reporter.

Special Needs Bus Accident Sends 12 to Hospital

A car and special needs school bus carrying adults got in a major accident yesterday afternoon sending 12 people to be hospitalized.

The crash took place at the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue just before 12:37 p.m. One person had moderate injuries and 11 suffered minor injuries.

All patients were sent to either Kings County hospitals or Methodist hospitals. No additional details could be provided about the injuries or locations.

According to the NYC Department of Transportation, Washington Avenue is one of the top streets in the city to have reported dangerous accidents. At least 130 people have been injured either in car or bike accidents on the street between the years 2005 and 2009.

An SUV crashed into a building along the same corner this bus did in March on Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue. It was between three cars, including a police vehicle.

The NYC Department of Transportation is thinking of new ways to implement safety plans on the strip.

Bus Accident Leaves 1 Dead, 17 Injured, 3 in Critical Condition

An accident before dawn this morning with an express bus and car has left an 8-year-old dead, 17 people injured, and 3 of which are in critical condition.

Police Chief Mohd Osman said the bus was leaving an airport terminal when the car next to it bumped into the bus.

Osman says, “The accident happened at about 1:15 a.m. when the car driven by Maruan Jalil, 41, the father of an eight year old boy, veered to the opposite lane before colliding with a bus which then skidded and plunged into a drain.

“The boy died on the spot due to severe head injuries, while Maruan and one of his daughters and a passenger of the bus were rushed to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital, Ipoh, in critical condition”.

17 other passengers were treated in the hospitals out-patient center.

The express bus was carrying 26 passengers and had only been on the road for 15 minutes when the car holding 6 passengers crashed into it. The car was badly damaged and said to have been coming back from a vacation.

Fatigued Bus Driver Crashes Bus

Large interstate bus crashes have brought awareness to driver fatigue as fatal crash reports grow bigger.

Two weeks ago four women in Virginia were killed and many were injured when the driver of a 59-passenger bus toppled northward on Interstate 95. The bus was traveling from North Carolina to New York as it flipped over once the driver woke up and swerved back onto the road.

The driver, Kin Yui Cheung, age 37, is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Sleep scientists and safety advocates say the roots of these accidents are within an industry whose economic model usually end in drivers on the road crashing with too little rest.

Women Pinned Against Car in Bus Accident

An Osceola County school bus pinned a women against her car in an accident on Thursday, says the Florida Highway Patrol. The school bus was apparently traveling westbound on Boggy Creek Road with two other cars when the 30 year old bus driver, Yanaria Pagan, slammed against an Acura and pinned 52 year old Sandra Beatty against her windshield and car seat.

Before the accident, she stopped behind a van driven by 40 year old Iris Mercedes and that’s when the bus was unable to stop accelerating and hit the Acura, pushing it farther into the back of the van.

Beatty was pinned so hard between the seat and windshield that she had to be cut out of the car. She was quickly transported to Osceola Regional Medical Center for minor injuries. Troopers say only two females were aboard the bus, but luckily did not get injured. The van driver and bus driver are both fine.
The bus was cited for careless driving, say troopers.

School Bus Accident Sends Nine to Hospital

At around 4 p.m. Wednesday, a bus carrying special needs students from Central Elementary crashed on Mayo Road. Nine patients were taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center by ambulance. Seven had minor injuries and two suffered from severe neck and back trauma.

Although county police officials couldn’t verify the ages or identities of the injured kids, witnesses at the scene said that the Dodge truck the bus crashed into had a male driver, female occupant, and a child who was possibly under three who was not in a child safety seat.

James Johnson decided to have a quiet late lunch at McDonalds by Mayo Road. He was traveling north and stopped at Rita’s Italian Ice due to a row of cars waiting for the traffic southbound to clear. That’s when he realized th school bus hit the Dodge pickup behind him, causing a chain reaction.

Johnson was a little shaken but appeared to be just fine. The back of his truck barely had any damage compared to the Dodge, which had shaped itself into a banana. The three occupants in the Dodge were immediately taken to the hospital.

Johnson was shaken but fine. The flatbed truck was barely dented in comparison to the Dodge, which withstood the most damage. The three occupants of the Dodge were extracted and taken to the hospital.