School Bus Accident Sends Nine to Hospital

At around 4 p.m. Wednesday, a bus carrying special needs students from Central Elementary crashed on Mayo Road. Nine patients were taken to Anne Arundel Medical Center by ambulance. Seven had minor injuries and two suffered from severe neck and back trauma.

Although county police officials couldn’t verify the ages or identities of the injured kids, witnesses at the scene said that the Dodge truck the bus crashed into had a male driver, female occupant, and a child who was possibly under three who was not in a child safety seat.

James Johnson decided to have a quiet late lunch at McDonalds by Mayo Road. He was traveling north and stopped at Rita’s Italian Ice due to a row of cars waiting for the traffic southbound to clear. That’s when he realized th school bus hit the Dodge pickup behind him, causing a chain reaction.

Johnson was a little shaken but appeared to be just fine. The back of his truck barely had any damage compared to the Dodge, which had shaped itself into a banana. The three occupants in the Dodge were immediately taken to the hospital.

Johnson was shaken but fine. The flatbed truck was barely dented in comparison to the Dodge, which withstood the most damage. The three occupants of the Dodge were extracted and taken to the hospital.

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