DePuy Hip Replacement Recall

People who have had a DePuy ASP hip replacement system installed are in danger. DePuy has now issued a recall on their DePuy ASR hip system. They are also saying they will “cover reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment for services including revision surgery if it is necessary, associated with the DePuy ASR hip recall.” If you or a family memeber have had an ASR hip replacement, you should speak to a DePuy Hip Replacement lawyer to find out your legal rights. Especially before you sign anything or speak to a member of Johnson & Johnson DePuy.

Attorneys woh are representing patients in defective medical device cases are advising patients not to sign anything for DePuy and give anything to them, including the evidence necessary to prove your case against them.

Many people with this system are claiming a number of side effects, including swelling, audible popping, cup loosening, and trouble walking. The friction caused by the metal ball rubbing against the metal cup causes tiny pieces of metal ions of chromium and cobalt to be released from the device into the body. This is a very serious issue and for this reason you should speak to a lawyer familiar with what to do next.

DePuy is attempting to do whatever they can to limit the lawsuits against them but it is too little too late. DePuy apparently knew of the dangers and risks that this system and it did not stop them from manufacturing the system and now many people are suffering as a result.

If you are one of the victims of a ASP hip replacement, you may want to consider a DePuy ASR Hip Recall Lawsuit.  Contacting a hip recall lawyer that is experienced in handling defective hip implant cases to assist you is in your best interest so you can plan on what to do next.

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