ronald_havenRonald Haven has practiced law for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience with a wide array of personal injury cases. Haven has a unique understanding of insurance companies as he once represented insurance firms. Having this knowledge base of insurance company policies, tactics and strategies make him the ideal lawyer for personal injury cases.

Haven started a personal injury law firm in 1982 with Kenneth Shepard. Thier goal is to provide the best personal injury legal practice in Sacramento. Shepard & Haven LLP strive to get their clients the compensation that they deserve.

Some of the most common personal injury cases that come through the Shepard & Haven office are car accident claims. Because Ronald Haven has seen these claims from both sides of the table he knows the importance of having knowledgeable legal representation. Insurance adjuster may seem to be on your side, but when it comes to insurance, money is their bottom line. Haven is well versed in every tactic employed by insurance companies to deny or diminish your claim.

Car accident claims can also be tricky because there are so many circumstances and outcomes. Sometime the injuries incurred are not all known at the beginning of the claim. There can be injuries that take years to heal, such as brain damage, or injuries that cause permanent damages, such as paralysis. One of Haven’s clients was a woman who was involved in an auto accident where her car was side swiped and had suffered permanent brain damage. Instead of a lump sum that could cover costs for a while but eventually run out, Haven won his client a lifetime annuity that assured her that she would always be taken care of.

Brian Wescott, another client, saw Ron’s compassion first hand when he came to Ron in pain after his car was totaled. Brian was stressed out because the other driver’s insurance company did not want to accept responsibility. Ron took this case on with confidence and lifted the weight from Brian’s shoulders, which he was extremely grateful for. Ron won the case for Brian and the Wescott’s could not be happier they chose Shepard & Haven.

What sets Ron Haven apart from most accident lawyers is he truly cares about his clients. He makes sure his clients receive the settlement they deserve and follows up after the case is closed to make sure his clients are well taken care of.

If you have been injured or in an accident, Shepard & Haven can guide you through the process of your claim so that you get the recovery you deserve. Shepard & Haven have an excellent success rate and have handled cases of all shapes and sizes.

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