Attorney Spotlight: Remembering Waldo De Castroverde

As the two-year anniversary of Waldo De Castroverde’s passing approaches, we remember him for more than just his legal success. His legacy portrays a fighter who stood up for his people and a visionary for the future of his community.

Waldo De Castroverde’s Past

What made Waldo De Castroverde shine above other lawyers in Las Vegas who promise to stand behind their clients? His dedication to others has been displayed far before his desire to become a lawyer. Waldo De Castroverde moved to the US from Cuba in 1960 and immediately enrolled in the military. As a paratrooper and one of 1400 Cuban exiles, De Castroverde played an active role at the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, which ultimately landed him back in Cuba. At only 19 years old, being held captive in Cuban prison with a 30-year sentence for his Bay of Pigs involvement, Waldo De Castroverde didn’t stop advocating for Cuba’s freedom and democracy. Little did he know that his efforts would land him face-to-face with Fidel Castro, negotiating freedom. Waldo’s vision for advocacy didn’t seize after his release. Moving back to the states, he channeled his passions and pursued his Juris Doctorate from Nevada School of Law, Old College, in 1985. Using his personal experience as an immigrant and prisoner, he chose to specialize in Nevada criminal defense and immigration law. His background and stride for advocacy

Continuing His Legacy

Waldo’s legacy continues to be present in his family lineage. Both Alex and Orlando De Castroverde graduated from law school and are now running their family’s law firm De Castroverde Law Group, based in Las Vegas.

Orlando De Castroverde received his undergraduate degree from California State-Fullerton and was a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling qualifier. He then graduated from the University of Mississippi, magna cum laude with his Juris Doctor. While there, Orlando earned the America Juris Prudence awarded in three of his courses and obtained the highest MBE score on the Nevada State Bar exam in 2000. Right out of school, Orlando joined Waldo’s law firm and immediately the two tried a case together involving a seven-count felony. The verdict? Not guilty. For the remainder of Waldo’s life, the two successfully won various criminal defense cases and became a well-known name in the Reno legal community.

Then, Orlando partnered with his brother Alex to open De Castroverde Law Group, with the goal to carry on the legacy of their father. Whether a client faces criminal charges or has suffered from an injury caused by negligence in Las Vegas, the firm knows that each person deserves aggressive and promising representation. Holding onto the family name, the specialize in personal injury, criminal defense, and immigration cases.


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