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Attorney Spotlight: Brooks Cutter

Personal Injury Attorney Brooks CutterBrooks Cutter is a personal injury and civil justice attorney who specializes in defending consumers against larger-than-life corporate entities including insurance providers, drug and medical device manufacturers, and health care institutions. He has been practicing law for more than a quarter century, and over the course of his lengthy career he has made a name for himself in both his hometown state of California and across the United States by taking on the type of cases that most of us shudder over when we see them on the evening news. With hundreds of millions of dollars in monumental verdicts and settlements under his belt, Mr. Cutter has earned a consistent reputation of being one of the most skilled and knowledgeable consumer class action litigation and personal injury attorneys in the United States.

One of Mr. Cutter’s most notable milestone verdicts resulted from a tragic case in which he represented a fourteen-year-old girl who had been taken to UC Davis Medical Center after waking up to crippling back pain and numbness in her legs. Doctors at the emergency medical center ordered an MRI scan, which they read as normal. She was treated for Guillaun Barre, then released a week later after regaining the ability to walk. Five years later, she awoke with the exact same debilitating symptoms that she had experienced when she was fourteen. She was taken to a different medical center this time, where another MRI scan was performed. The doctors at this facility did not read the scan as normal. They discovered an arteriovenous malformation on her thoracic spine that had hemorrhaged internally and permanently damaged her spinal cord. She was rushed into an emergency surgical procedure, but the damage to her spine was too severe to be repaired.

She now found herself as a T4 paraplegic who would forever be confined to a wheelchair due to the negligent oversight of the doctors who conducted her first MRI scan when she was just fourteen. After careful examination of the case, attorney Brooks Cutter determined that the malformation of her spine was in fact present during the first MRI scan when she was fourteen, but had been overlooked by the UC Davis Radiology Department because they had not adhered to their standard operational protocol for conducting a study of this nature. Mr. Cutter took the young woman’s case against UC Davis to trial, and the jury eventually returned a verdict in her favor for a total sum of $7,624,318. This was not only a win for the now paralyzed young woman which would allow her to pay her mounting medical bills and cover her future economic loss, but it was the single largest medical malpractice verdict in Sacramento County history.

Although Mr. Cutter is among the elite fraternity of the nation’s best and most highly regarded personal injury attorneys, he has never lost the common touch the way many professionals who have reached his level of success and notoriety often do. He is a volunteer at Trial Lawyers Care, director of Sacramento’s Wind Youth Services, a fierce triathlon competitor, devoted family man and father of three, and above all, a genuinely kind and altruistic person who truly knows the meaning behind the phrase “pay it forward”. What more can be said about a man that could have comfortably retired many times over since the beginning of his career in 1985, but chose to continue practicing law for the love of defending those who lack the knowledge and resources to defend themselves? It was that very passion for defending the otherwise defenseless, vulnerable, or unfortunate people of the United States that has served as the catalyst for Mr. Brooks’s enormous success in the field of law. Brooks Cutter is a prime example of the type of attorney young law school students should look up to, model themselves after, and follow suit, no pun intended.

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